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Enjoy 'Visit Your Relatives Day' Safely

Enjoy 'Visit Your Relatives Day' Safely

Happy Visit Your Relatives Day!


Maybe you've heard of this world-wide holiday before...but if you hadn't, you're not alone. In fact, it's something we've just discovered ourselves! In the spirit of celebration, we want to talk about how we can observe it safely this year. There's no doubt we've all experienced some form of disconnection from our families during the pandemic, particularly those of us who are high risk. As our communities continue to get vaccinated, we might feel more comfortable getting together in small groups again. However, this is not necessarily the case for everyone, for various reasons. For example, many don't have access to the healthcare they need, and others are unable to get vaccinated for medical reasons. Regardless of how you and your family choose to navigate this time, in this blog, you will find multiple low-risk ways to stay connected with loved ones. Even if you don't implement any of these ideas today, we hope to help you find creative ways to spend time with your family! Biological or chosen :)

Who needs it most?

Before we dive into these ideas, it's important to consider who reaps the benefits of this quality time the most. While everyone can benefit in some way, the elderly and children need this stimulation more than anyone. Social connection plays a critical role in the mental and physical health of senior citizens, as well as in the cognitive development of children. With this in mind, it might help you better plan your activities, and who you choose to involve. Don't forget to think of yourself as well! Missing any people in your life who really light you up and fill your cup? Involve them! We all need the warm and fuzzies these days.

Engage in the same activity

We aim to go one step further than all of the blogs that offer video calls as a solution. As we've adapted to a new normal, I think it's safe to say most of us have involved more video calls and facetimes into our lives. While technology is surely a huge help for connection, a regular phone or video call can get stagnant at times. Next time, give your video call a distinct intention! Getting involved in the same activity is a great way to get more connected, and it allows you to pick an activity that you know your loved ones will like. For example, if a way your family connects is through reading, start a little book club and chat about the books you're currently into. Bonus points if you read the same book! Know a movie buff? Either watch a movie together in real time, or give each other your thoughts afterwards. If video games are more your thing, there are certain online games that are more geared towards socialization, check out a list of suggestions here. My personal favorite is cooking a meal together over video call, or perhaps even trying the same recipe for the first time. Entering unknown territory with someone is always a surefire way to bond.

Get in the open air

There are a multitude of benefits to making your visit an outdoors one, and with the sun coming out from behind the clouds these days, it's getting easier to do so. Distanced picnics are a lovely way to visit family. Each pod of people can set up their blankets 6 feet apart, and bring their own snacks and refreshments. Taking a CGM break? Bring your Genteel to check your sugars before and after you enjoy your snacks. Plus, check out this neoprene sleeve to put your Genteel Lancing Device in! You can easily throw it in any bag without getting it dirty. Another great idea is distanced group yoga! Find a park with an open area and set up your yoga mats socially distant from each other. Not only can you practice mindfulness and give your body some movement, but you can enjoy it in a group setting with people you love.

Creative games

Need a way to keep the little ones entertained? There are plenty of socially distant games that you might already be familiar with. One that comes to mind is Simon Says! Everyone can be distanced as needed, and stay in the same spot to participate. Want something a little more active to let out that pent up energy? Give Noodle Tag a go. All you really need are some pool noodles. When someone is "it" they have to tag their buddies by using the end of the noodle. It's bendy so nobody gets hurt, but also distanced so no one has to get to close.

We hope you enjoyed these inventive ways to form a colser bond with your relatives today. We hope you can find ways to implement these ideas throughout the year. Until next time!



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