The Painless Lancing Device for People with Diabetes

Now, Gentler Blood Sugar Checking

Genteel is the world’s only lancing device that uses vacuum and depth control to draw blood from anywhere on the body.

This innovative, pain-free technology allows users with diabetes to check blood sugar anywhere on the body, giving sore fingertips a break.

How Genteel Gives Your Fingers a Break

FDA Cleared* to Test Anywhere on the Body

Experience a Painless Blood Draw

Genteel uses its patented 3-step process for getting the perfect drop every time. Never again have “insufficient blood” appear on the meter.

1. Place Genteel on the skin and push Activation Button
2. Keep finger on Activation Button to use the vacuum (4-10 secs)
3. Release Activation Button, then lift Genteel to reveal right size blood drop

Vacuum-Based Effortless Application

Unique vacuum procedure pulls blood to the surface so there’s no need for uncomfortable squeezing after lancing or relancing again and again.

Genteel’s precise depth control allows you to extract the perfect blood sample every single time you push the Activation Button with no re-lancing ever needed.

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Genteel Plus


Pain Free Blood Checking From Anywhere On the Body icon-check icon-check icon-false
High-Precision Depth Levels to Avoid Reaching Pain Nerves icon-check icon-check icon-false
Decorative, Spirit Lifting, Sticker Sheets icon-check icon-check icon-false
Robust Construction, Gives Many Years of Reliable Service icon-check icon-check icon-false
120 Day Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. icon-check icon-check icon-false
1 Year Replacement Warrantee icon-check icon-check icon-false
Uses Butterfly Touch Lancets icon-check icon-check icon-false
Travel and Organizer Pouch Included icon-check icon-false icon-false
Includes Extra Nozzle icon-check icon-false icon-false
5 Color Options icon-check icon-false icon-false
Can Use Most Square Shaft Lances icon-check icon-false icon-check
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As Reviewed In

Great for Everyone with Diabetes

Type I, Type II, Gestational, Adults, Children, Even Pets.

 ...Since I received my genteel lancing device I don’t mind taking my blood sugar anymore...It’s virtually painless…

Vonna Helms

My husband loves his Genteel...He recommends Genteel to anyone that has to check their blood glucose

Barbara Snyder-Cole

…[I hate] needles and have horrible anxiety. I started doing some research and found Genteel...Get it now! You will not regret it!...

Maria Ortiz

This lancing device has been amazing for my 3 year old. He calls it his magic finger pricker because it doesn't hurt...

Kalin Wyant Stevey

First test I did after receiving the Genteel was my palm. I’m going to be able to rest my fingers now

Roxanne Geiger

...Genteel allows me to use any exposed skin area.... [My son] doesn't feel it or wake up…

‎Cathy Matthai Alger

120-Day Money Back Guarantee & 1 Year Warranty

If you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can call or email our US-based customer service team. We provide complimentary personalized troubleshooting if Genteel isn’t working the way you expected.

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