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The only FDA cleared and patented lancing device. Get the perfect drop of blood without pain — reliably for years to come.

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How Genteel Works


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Why Our Customers Love It!

Give Fingertips a Break

You can now test on the thenar area of the palm, or anywhere else on the body. By using the palm and other alternate sites, you can give your fingers relief from the bruising, scarring and soreness of multiple tests a day.

Let Them Sleep

Testing your child's blood sugar levels at night no longer needs to be a nightmare! With Genteel’s patented technology, you can now test anywhere on your child’s body, so painlessly that they are guaranteed not to awaken.

Test More Often

Genteel gives you options on where you can draw test blood on your body - all without pain. You can select your favorite test sites and start testing more often so you can manage your levels better.

What Genteel Users Are Saying


    Our daughter is very happy with her Genteel and stickers.
    – CLAUDIO C.


    Genteel is completely pain-free and life changing!




    This device is amazing! If there is anyway to make diabetes easier on a child it is worth the money.
    – LINDSAY M.


    No more pain and I do not dread checking my glucose levels daily.
    – Cendy S.

Watch them use Genteel

Fast Global & Free USA Shipping

We ship to customers in almost every country around the world. Free 2-3 Day delivery within the USA. Special arrangements for international couriers are available.

120 Day Money Back Guarantee

EVERY Genteel lancing device is covered by our 120-Day Money Back Guarantee and 1-Year Replacement Warranty.

Use Your Own Meter & Supplies

Use your existing meter and test strips. Genteel works with many generic square-shaft lancets, and all test strips and meters. No custom lancets required!

Buy With Complete Confidence!

We have your complete satisfaction guaranteed, plus truly exceptional customer service.


Does My Insurance Cover Genteel?

Most insurance companies cover the cost of diabetic testing supplies. However, you will need to contact your insurance company to find out what your specific plan will cover for a Genteel device. The insurance customer service number is usually located on the back of your insurance card. Genteel is a lancing device, so be sure to ask to speak with someone in the Durable Medical or Medical Supplies Department.

Tell them you want coverage for a spring-loaded lancing device (which is a unique design & makes it a one-of-a-kind device). The HCPCS Billing Code is A4258. We cannot guarantee insurance coverage, but have created several documents to aid in your effort to have your insurance plan cover a Genteel device.

Please download the following PDFs to assist you: Insurance Steps Guidance, Medical Necessity Form, and the Doctor’s Recommendation Letter.

Included inside every Genteel Lancing Kit

  • 1 Genteel Lancing DeviceBuilt-in vacuum and vibration 
  • 6 Contact TipsComes in 6 different colors and thicknesses, from #1 Blue (most shallow penetration) to #6 Violet (deepest penetration). 
  • Deluxe Travel & Organizer PouchMade of 100% durable water-resistant nylon; roomy compartments easily hold Genteel and two weeks’ worth of supplies; universal hook and eye fastening system to hold your blood glucose meter in place. 
  • 2 NozzlesIdentical; attaches to front end of Genteel and holds the Contact Tip in place 
  • Holding Clip for Pouch & BeltSnaps around Genteel for easy carrying, holding it securely into position so it can hook onto any belt loop, pocket or into the special compartment of your Deluxe Travel & Organizer Pouch.
We highly recommend using the Johnson & Johnson LifeScan OneTouch Ultra Soft. Available in most countries.

  • Recommended Lancets

    • Johnson & Johnson Lifescan OneTouch Ultra Soft (White)
    • CVS/pharmacy Thin Lancet (26g) (For Alternate Sites)
    • Walgreens Superthin (28g)
    • Bayer Microlet (all gray) (28g)

    Looking for Lifescan lancets in your country? Click here.

  • Acceptable Lancets

    • CVS/pharmacy Ultra Thin (30g)
    • Bayer Microlet (multi-color) (28g)
    • Pharmacist Choice (30g)
    • Easy Touch Twist (30g)

    Do you use lancets that are not in the list? Contact us and we’ll help you figure out if your lancet will fit our device.


The Lancing Device Designed by a Very Smart Biomedical Engineer.

Developing Genteel took almost nine years of research, and is now covered by 6 US and over 25 international patents. Instead of the more common industry standard spring-loaded device that uses a “dial-a-number” system, Genteel patents are in how its Contact Tips allow a different way to mechanize that adjustable depth of penetration.

Piston Assembly

The Push Cap is cocked before use and works with the Spring Shaft to create a vacuum which draws the perfect drop of test blood.

Lancing Device

When ready to draw blood, pushing the Activation Button releases the Push Cap and triggers the vacuum. Keeping your finger firmly on the Activation Button draws the blood to the surface. Remove your finger from the Activation Button before lifting Genteel off the skin to avoid splatter.


FDA-approved square-based lancet. Buy online or at your local pharmacy. No custom lancets from Genteel are needed.


Contact Tips attach to the Nozzle. For your convenience each Genteel kit includes 2 Nozzles.

Contact Tip

The Contact Tips control the lancing depth so the lancet doesn’t go in so far as to hit pain nerves. Every individual determines which of the 6 provided Contact Tips work best for them and continues to use their optimum Contact Tip.

Click on different parts to learn about them.

How To Test Using Genteel

Use one of the recommended lancets and place it within the receptacle. Replace Nozzle/Contact Tip assembly.
The Contact Tips vary in color and thickness. The thicker the Tip, the less the lancet penetrates into the skin. Conversely, the thinner the Tip, the deeper the lancing. Determine which of the 6 included Contact Tips work with the location you want to test on. Typically, you’ll only need to perform this once for the test location. For your convenience with each lancing kit, you’ll receive two Nozzles (one for fingers; one for alternate sites), which the Contact Tips will attach on to. Once the correct Contact Tip is chosen, it will stay on the Nozzle and you will continue to use that one Contact Tip.
Push down on the push cap until it locks into place. Make sure your finger is not on the Activation Button or it won’t lock. Push and hold the Activation Button to draw blood.
Once you have a small amount of test blood, lift your finger off the Activation Button BEFORE you lift Genteel off your skin.

After releasing the Activation Button and removing Genteel from your test location. You may now use your existing meter and strip to read your blood sugar level.