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The Only Lancing Device with New Vacuum Technology Designed to...

  • Always get the right amount of blood without having to squeeze
  • Clinically proven to be painless
  • FDA cleared for use anywhere on the body
  • Backed by our 1 Year Warranty

As seen in:

As seen in:

Discover our Gold and Platinum Genteel Lancing Devices, a refined choice for a thoughtful holiday gift. Designed with precision and care, the Gold edition radiates opulence, while the Platinum edition embodies timeless class. These devices offer a gentle and dignified lancing experience. Share the gift of health this holiday season with a touch of elegance, making every moment a cherished one.

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The Genteel Lancing Device Uses Breakthrough Vacuum Technology.

It is Unlike a Regular Lancing Device.

The Exclusive Vacuum Technology Enables the Right Amount of Blood Every Time

The Genteel lancing device uses vacuum technology to draw blood up to the surface of the skin. Sore fingers no longer need to be squeezed to get sufficient blood. Stop wasting test supplies and get the right amount of blood.

With 8 propriety patents, Genteel is the only lancing device using vacuum to help you draw blood. Keep reading to learn how vacuum suction benefits you in different ways to enable a virtually painless testing experience.

Traditional lancing devices rely on deep lancing to get enough blood. Genteel brings what you need closer to the surface, not the other way around.

The Patented Vacuum Design Enables You to Use Genteel Anywhere on the Body

Genteel is FDA cleared to use anywhere on your body. Areas like the palm, forearm, and above the knee have fewer pain nerves compared to sensitive fingertips, but blood capillaries in those areas can be hard to reach. Access them anywhere with Genteel's vacuum.

In our clinical trials, 79% reported either an elimination of pain or a significant reduction in pain after using Genteel for 12 weeks*. Palms are recommended as they match fingertip readings, but other sites may be used in common testing scenarios. Ask your doctor if alternate site testing is for you.

Open a new world of options during routine sugar checks such as right before a meal, upon waking up in the morning, during a performance check for your CGM, or when fasting.

The Unique Vacuum Seal Means a Shallower Poke, Reducing Pain and Long-term Damage

Drawing blood to the surface using vacuum means the depth of the poke itself can be much shallower than with regular lancing devices. Controlling depth with a cushioned Contact Tip enables a unique experience, clinically proven to be painless.

Vacuum technology also ensures that the skin is gently pulled up when the lancet makes a shallow opening.

This means it’s less likely your lancet will make contact with deep pain nerves. With less tissue damage, you can finally let your fingers heal, while still checking sugars as often as recommended by your doctor. Experience gentler sugar checks than with any regular lancing device.

It's Also Designed to Last for Years, Backed by our 1 Year Warranty

If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can call or email our US-based customer service team. Get complimentary, one on one troubleshooting support. Over 73% of Genteel users give it five stars.

We also back our Genteel lancing device with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Still not sure if Genteel is for you? Not to worry, we offer a 120 day
money-back guarantee. Try Genteel and experience the durable design and craftsmanship first-hand.

Hear what Medical Professionals Say about the Life-Changing Impact of Genteel for their Patients

Mandi B. Franklin, Nurse Practitioner

Mandi B. Franklin, Nurse Practitioner

“I love it, I think it’s a great idea…I don’t think [manual checks] will ever be obsolete, even in today’s world of Continuous Glucose Monitors. I still double check my sugars frequently, and recommend that for my patients as well…I love that [it has] a different kind of depth setting than other devices. If you’ve had diabetes as long as I’ve had, you have some pretty tough skin. I carry it with me all the time."

Richard Bernstein, M.D.

Richard Bernstein, M.D.

“I use, and now refer patients to [the] Genteel® Lancing Device… I know firsthand how the device can reduce pain during lancing, with the additional benefit of using both alternate sites, when appropriate, as well as fingertips to measure blood sugar… with that pain eliminated, my patients are more encouraged to increase their checks, helping to maintain better control of their blood sugar.”

Dr. Jothydev, M.D.

Dr. Jothydev, M.D.

“The pain of pricking has been an important factor that prevents patients from [routine BGM]…I have been using Genteel myself for 3 years, and strongly recommend it for every patient with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Genteel is a one stop solution to [avoid] the pain of testing.”

Andrew Ahmann, M.D., Professor of Medicine

Andrew Ahmann, M.D., Professor of Medicine

“Blood sugar checking is performed millions of times a day by children and adults, so the long-term benefit of your invention is tremendous.  After personally using your device, as well as from feedback from my patients and staff, I firmly believe that because Genteel® is able to consistently reduce lancing discomfort, frequency and compliance will improve.”

Hear Why Thousands of Diabetics have Switched to Genteel

“This is a game-changer for me. A life changer really. After the first lance, I teared up because I was so relieved. Now I can actually test without the trauma and drama. And I appreciate that more than anything. Thank you Genteel!!”

- Dee

"I literally just received the Genteel about 15 minutes ago and I am so floored I had to write a quick review.  I have flinched for finger-prick testing for 45+ years, be it in a physician's office or in any context. I HATE finger prick testing... UNTIL Genteel.  I am not exaggerating at all in saying that there was NO pain whatsoever."

- Jeff

“I'm new to the world of blood sugar testing so I cannot compare it to any other devices. I will say that it works EXACTLY as advertised. I am an aerospace engineer and I appreciate the work that went into designing this product. I am using 28 gauge needles and have felt no pain what-so-ever. My favorite adage applies here: "get the best and cry once". Highly recommended”. 

- Oklared

“I bought this for my nephew, he was just diagnosed with type1 diabetes at only 5 years old. It was hard to see him crying every time he had to be checked, so we found out about Genteel and we decided to try it–we love it, and he loves it too. My nephew already has decorated his Genteel and he is not crying or complaining every time his BG needs to be checked. It's an amazing invention, we're so happy that I also bought one for my mom who has type 2.”

- Jackie

“I cannot sing my praises for this product enough. My much-loved dog was recently diagnosed with diabetes and we were unable to test her blood sugar because we couldn't get a regular lancing device to work. I really don't think my dog can feel it with Genteel. It has made all of this diabetic stuff a lot less stressful and we will be able to have a much more accurate picture of what her glucose levels are than if we were just going off of spot checks at the vet. I'm so thankful I decided to try it.”

- Marie

“This little device has literally changed my daughter's life in a matter of days. My 6 year old was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on 1/29/18. The first few days were filled with tears and struggles because she hated checking her blood sugar so much. After one exhausting night at the hospital, she finally asked us why we were torturing her. Ouch. Nothing has ever hurt me as bad as that sentence. The very first time, she was actually shocked because it didn't hurt hardly at all! Since then, she checks it with no issue."

- Amelie

“I freaking love this thing because it doesn't hurt me at all. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and it basically turned my life upside down for a bit. Especially all the pain. I have 0% pain tolerance, so all the finger pricking (at least 5 times per day) was TOO MUCH for me to handle. I was miserable...But after I did it the first time, I realized I was going to be okay. It did not hurt. It felt about how I would feel if someone flicked me on the arm with the back of their finger.”

- Jay

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