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Why I Love My Genteel

Why I Love My Genteel

Okay, full disclosure. I’m Anita Matthews, head of Customer Care here at Genteel since 2014. I’ve talked to literally thousands of customers—from pre-purchase (“What the heck is this device?) to troubleshooting after-sale questions (“it’s not working”). I’ve heard it all!

If you’re learning about Genteel for the first time (where have you been?), it’s a lancer (or more accurately, as Genteel’s inventor, Dr. Jacobs, insists, a vacuum blood-draw device) that’s engineered to eliminate the pain and anxiety of blood sugar pokes by using precise depth control and vacuum anywhere on the body. By optimizing Genteel’s technology (, you can truly say, “I didn’t feel a thing!”

That’s Genteel’s story, and it’s real. 


So, Pre-Purchase Disclosure:

Genteel is BIGGER than a conventional lancer
    • YES, it’s bigger because it has to be! You can’t generate vacuum in a lancer the size of a pen (there’s a piston that moves up and down inside the vacuum chamber and it needs room!)
    • Genteel can be LOUDER than a conventional lancer
    • YES, because vacuum is not silent (think of your vacuum cleaner or drinking through a straw)
    • Genteel is more EXPENSIVE than a conventional lancer
    • YES, because there are costly parts inside and it takes longer to assemble. You also get a complete Kit and not just the device. 
    • Genteel is more COMPLICATED to use than a conventional lancer
    • YES, but NO. Because Genteel is not a conventional stab-and-bleed device, it takes a small learning curve to learn the right Contact Tip for depth control and maximize the vacuum, but mastering it is easy (we have 3-year olds doing their own sugar checks!), so once you get it, you get it forever!

    So, considering all the above, why should you buy it? 

      • No more sore fingers; you can test anywhere on your body (FDA-cleared)
      • Engineered to bypass pain nerves for a totally comfortable blood draw experience
      • No more squeezing or re-poking
      • Durable, robust construction so your Genteel will last a great many years
      • No risk! 120-day money-back guarantee; 1 year manufacturers replacement warranty
      • Awesome customer service to help with any questions or concerns

    THAT’S IT!

    As David Mendosa, the leading Type 2 diabetes advocate and writer for HealthCentral for 12 years, once said about Genteel, “what price is your pain worth?”



    FIRST, PLEASE READ OUR INSTRUCTIONS/WATCH OUR TUTORIAL BEFORE YOU USE GENTEEL ( That url is printed on the Red Tag hanging from your Genteel device when you take it out of the box. It’s there for a reason! We invested a lot of time on it so you can “hit the ground running.” Sometimes, watching it once is enough; sometimes it’s not. If it’s not clear, CALL (844-436-8335) or EMAIL (!

    Ok, so you’ve invested $69 and now something is going wrong. Don’t panic! The good news is that Genteel almost never breaks! Usually, a bit of TLC will fix it right away. We can usually diagnose the problem immediately and offer a quick fix so you’ll have no downtime. If not, we have a 120-day money-back guarantee and 1 year manufacturers replacement warranty, so you’re completely covered.

    Here’s what you can do to prevent or resolve the most common complaints:  

      • You may experience discomfort when you never had it before
      • The piston won’t latch
      • You’re unable to get any or enough blood

    In all three cases, the back rod will rise up all the way, showing the red stripe, while you finger remains on the Activation Button. This means you’ve lost vacuum. Here’s how to clean your Genteel: It solves most problem.

    • MAKE SURE YOU POSITION THE CONTACT TIP CORRECTLY ON THE TOP OF THE NOZZLE (the flat side goes against your skin; the indented/grooved side wraps around the top of the Nozzle. Doing this backwards will result in no depth control and you may experience discomfort
    • AFTER YOU SEE THE BLOOD DROP, TAKE YOUR FINGER OFF THE ACTIVATION BUTTON BEFORE YOU TAKE GENTEEL OFF YOUR SKIN. Else, the blood drop will spray inside the Nozzle because the vacuum keeps working. You won’t believe the number of people that fail to do this correctly.
    • MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT REMOVE OR CLEAN THE NOZZLE OR VACUUM O-RINGS WITH ANYTHING OTHER THAN A DRY-FINGER-WIPE OR RUNNING WATER, and especially do not use any chemicals or alcohol, as this can dry out the O-Rings and piston will not release. Should this happen over time, simply apply a small bead of Vaseline in, on, and around the Vacuum O-Ring (above the big silver coil inside the piston assembly, NOT the O-Ring under the clear Nozzle).

    I promise that if you follow our instructions, you’ll have an amazing, pain- and trouble-free blood-draw experience unlike anything you’ve known before. I’ve spoken to enough happy customers to know how life-changing our product can be, and those few tips and techniques I’m suggesting can make all the difference.  Always call if you need help!

    REQUEST: PLEASE DO NOT WRITE A NEGATIVE REVIEW ON AMAZON when you have not first contacted us for help or worse, even read the instructions.  It’s not fair to us or future customers who may be interested in buying our product. Give them, and us, a chance. We won’t let you down.

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    Sep 02, 2023 at 10:11

    You write “ Here’s how to clean your Genteel: It solves most problem.”

    That link does not contain information on how to clean Genteel Plus. Where can we find this? Thank you!

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