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Blog to Belly: Curried Prawns

Blog to Belly: Curried Prawns

Diabetes decision fatigue can make meal planning even more stressful than it already is. "Blog to Belly" is a new series on the Genteel blog dedicated to celebrating our relationship with food by sharing new ideas, recipe downloads and carb counting tips. 

In an effort to make your diabetes management a bit easier, we've asked food blogger, T1D mom, and Genteel ambassador, Sophie De Ville to create an exclusive diabetes-friendly recipe just for you! Sign up for our mailing list, and get a download link to a PDF that outlines ingredients, steps, and tips for calculating your macros for the delectable meal above. This is an exclusive recipe that you won't be able find anywhere else on her socials! 

If you haven't discovered the rest of Sophie's work, you are truly missing out. Visit her blog for access to hundreds of recipes tailored carefully to the needs of those living with diabetes. Although Sophie is not diabetic herself, her son's Type 1 diabetes diagnosis has been a catalyst to sharing healthy recipes with her community. 


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