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Genteel Plus | Lancing Device

Vacuum Technology for a Painless Blood Draw

The Genteel Lancing Device is the world’s only lancing device that uses vacuum suction to draw blood. 

  • Reliable, pain-free vacuum blood draw. The vacuum draws the skin away from nerve endings meaning less pain. Genteel helps you draw blood reliably each time, which also means less wasted supplies.
  • FDA cleared for alternate site testing. Glucose testing with the Genteel Lancing Device can be done on other areas of the body, including palms, forearms, and thighs, giving fingers a break!
  • Precise depth control for maximum comfort. The Genteel device offers ultra-precise depth control with six levels of patented Contact Tips that come with every Genteel Lancing Device, allowing you to select what is most comfortable and effective for your glucose checks.
  • Compatible with most square-shaft lancets. When it comes to the best lancets for blood sugar testing, we recommend using our Butterfly Touch Lancets, but the Genteel Lancing Device is compatible with most other square-shaft lancets.
  • Pairs with any blood glucose meter or test strip.
  • Convenient Travel and Organizer Pouch. Each device comes with two Nozzles and a handy Travel and Organizer Pouch to keep everything you need in one convenient place.

Join team #givefingersabreak and start checking blood sugar as prescribed.

    How To Use:
    The Genteel Lancing Device has five main components: the Contact Tip, Nozzle, Activation Button, Vacuum Tube and Plunger, and uses its patented 3-step process to simply draw a blood sample. 

    Easy, 3-Step Process

    1. Place the Genteel Lancing Device on the skin
    2. Press the button to activate the vacuum and hold for 4-10 seconds
    3. Release the button and lift off the skin to reveal the blood drop

      Painless Blood Sugar Testing

      No matter what type of diabetes you’ve been diagnosed with, and whatever your age, the best way to control diabetes is to monitor blood sugar levels. To do that requires using a lancing device. A lancing device is a tool that houses a small, sharp object (the lancet) that is used to puncture the skin to release a drop of blood. Once the blood is drawn it’s placed on a test strip and inserted into a blood glucose monitor that reads and displays your blood sugar levels. Sounds painful, but it doesn’t have to be.

      Traditional thinking was blood needed to be drawn from the fingers to give the best reading leaving sore fingers on those who had diabetes. But that tradition has been broken! The Genteel Plus Lancing Device allows people with diabetes to check their blood glucose levels without painful finger pricks.

      Studies have shown that glucose testing can be done on the inner palms of your hands which match the blood sugar levels of your fingers. Blood glucose testing can also be done on other areas of the body, including palms, forearms, and thighs, preventing sore fingers that can impact daily activities.

      The Genteel Plus is FDA cleared for alternate site testing. Ask your doctor what options you can use today.

      Frequently Asked Questions

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