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Christmas Gifts For Diabetics

Christmas Gifts For Diabetics

Genteel Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are in full swing and you may find yourself stumped by what to buy the special people in your life. How do you combine what they want, what they need, and what will show them just how much you appreciate them? This might be especially challenging if someone on your gift list is diabetic. What thoughtful Christmas gift can you give them to show how much you care?

Sugarplums and other sweets may not be ideal but there are plenty of options, including tasty treats that will not only be well-received but will show you put thought into what to buy. There is such a thing as the perfect Christmas gift for diabetics and the suggestions below should help you get started.  

  1. Food can be an appropriate Christmas gift for a diabetic person. Just look for low sugar or sugar-free, and, of course, healthy choices. You can even give chocolate! Dark chocolate that's labeled 75% cacao or more, with no added sugar, is an ideal gift for those chocoholics who might be missing regular desserts. Just make sure to read the label to ensure there is no hidden added sugar. 

  2. Fruit should be a staple in the pantry of anyone who is diabetic. It’s healthy, low in sugar, comes in many varieties, and tastes great. For a long-lasting Christmas gift, consider a fruit of the month club or even a fruit-bearing tree such as a lemon or lime tree that can be planted easily in a pot. The best fruits for diabetics are those with little sugar such as apples, pears, citrus fruits, peaches, and apricots. A traditional fruit basket will work as a gift, but you can also put your own spin on it. Pack different varieties of fruit in something unique like a flower pot, tote bag, or even a dutch oven for a budding chef. Don’t forget dried fruit too which is another snack option, as well as a perfect diabetes-friendly Christmas gift.

  3. Tea is another great diabetes-friendly Christmas gift. The safest bet is to choose herbal teas as some diabetics cannot tolerate caffeine. But there is seemingly no end to herbal tea varieties. Combine the teas with a mug or even a cute teapot. If the recipient is more into iced tea than hot, pack up some bags or loose leaf teas in a nice pitcher instead.

Mug of tea
  1. Another good snack choice for diabetics is nuts and with so many types you’re sure to find the perfect gift. Pack the nuts in a nice reusable container or throw in a fancy nutcracker to reflect Christmas. You could even get creative and tuck in a pair of tickets to the Nutcracker Ballet that seems to run in most cities across the U.S. this time of year.

    Chocolate, tea, fruit, or nuts can be great gift ideas on their own or you can choose several and present them as one gift basket.
Fruit and nuts
  1. Diabetes supplies are another welcome and thoughtful Christmas gift idea. Gather up items such as contact tips and nozzles, insulin pens, test strips, antiseptic wipes, and glucose tablets or powder. If the gift recipient is a child or even someone just young at heart, throw in some of Genteel’s Hero stickers to remind them they are your hero. In lieu of a basket of supplies consider filling one of Genteel’s Travel and Organizer Pouches instead. It’s practical while still being attractive and provides a gentle reminder that an active life does not stop with diabetes.

  2. A health or fitness tracker can be a welcome Christmas gift to someone newly diagnosed with diabetes who wants to get on the right path to wellness through exercise. Cells are more sensitive to insulin and work more efficiently when regular physical activity becomes part of the lifestyle of someone who is diabetic. Exercise is a critical part of self-care that can leave patients feeling and even looking healthier. In addition to counting steps or logging miles, Smartwatches can be diabetes-friendly with features that can check blood glucose levels, help set dieting plans, and set an alarm for when it’s time to take medication or check blood sugar levels. Some can even track stress levels and sleep patterns. There are many watch options and with some research, the right watch for your loved one should be easy to find.

  3. Diabetics should avoid sugary soda, but they can still get some sparkle in their lives with a water-carbonating device such as Soda Stream. A few pushes of a button and a dash of fresh fruit juice turns boring water into a flavorful treat that’s still healthy.

  4. Another welcome Christmas gift for diabetics might be a foot massager and some compression or circulation socks. Diabetics can often have a condition called neuropathy that can cause pain and discomfort in the nerves around the legs, feet, and ankles. Compression socks and foot massagers offer some relief from the pain and can help foster a state of relaxation. What better way to say you care than to give a gift of comfort and joy.

  5. An ideal gift for a diabetic person is the Genteel Plus lancing device. Maybe you want to introduce them to vacuum technology that provides painless blood testing, or just give them an extra lancing device to store in a backpack or the glove box of their car. Either way, a new lancing device will be a welcome Christmas gift. Personalize it by picking one of five stylish colors and then combine the device with our Neoprene protective sleeve, especially good for those who are on the go. Pack up the device with a box of Butterfly Touch lancets or any other diabetes supplies.

Winter couple

If you’re still looking for inspiration, Genteel has put together a full gift guide to help you find that perfect Christmas present.

Gift-giving is part of the Christmas season and is a way to show appreciation and love for family and friends. But remember, the best gift you can give a diabetic person, or anyone at all, is to just let them know that you care. Merry Christmas!

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