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Recipes We Need To Try

Recipes We Need To Try

We can all relate to shuffling in the same cast of characters from grocery store shelves to our refrigerators, week after week. What was once a quick and easy recipe is now a boring staple that induces grumbles at the kitchen table. If you're living with diabetes, this conundrum is magnified. Between planning for meals, decision fatigue and still feeling hungry after all of it, sometimes we just need new ideas handed to us. A google search for "diabetes friendly recipes'' will leave you with about 7,990,000 search results and maybe even a little anxiety on the side. We've waded through as much as we could in 24 hours, and curated a breakfast/lunch/dinner menu with hearty and filling meals. We made sure to include something sweet, a vegan option, and a twist on the ultimate comfort food to offer a little something for everybody. Even if these recipes aren't your cup of tea, you still might learn a couple of tips and tricks to apply to your own creations at home. Bon Appetit!


These dreamy pancakes involve a combination of coconut and almond flour to up the protein and fiber content, while reducing carbs. If you tried our taco recipe a little while ago, you probably already have the ingredients on hand. You can keep it simple and drizzle your favorite sugar free maple syrup on top, or load it up with your favorite berries. However you decide to prepare these, we're sure there will be no shortage of fluff.


When you think of getting greens in your diet, you might think of a drab, uninviting salad. While summer is an ideal time to experiment with fresh salads and seasonal fruits and veggies, we've gotten some feedback on social media that a lot of the lower carb meals you guys are trying don't keep you full. We have a sneaking suspicion this warm lentil bowl will do the trick. Aromatic lentils drenched in exotic spices, wilted hearty greens, and topped with your favorite roasted veggies. This seems like a great one to make in a large batch and heat up as leftovers during busy work days.

While you're roasting your veggies the day before, get the mandalin out and start slicing some zucchini for this delicious no noodle Zucchini Lasagna! Layers of flavorful cheese, turkey bolognese and tender zucchini are sure to hit the spot for dinner. Not a fan of zucchini? Don't let us pressure you into sacrificing classic comfort foods.

Our friend Amanda over at @t1d.nutritionist on instagram is starting a members only community, in which she helps people with diabetes manage their blood sugar without constantly needing to cut carbs. We actually took some inspiration from her on National Lasagna Day with an instagram post that addressed this common diabetic food fear. In general, her philosophy is all about balance, and finding a way to nourish your body that fits your unique lifestyle. As a registered dietician and fellow Type 1 Diabetic, she can guide you in finding that balance with her S.U.G.A.R method. Fun fact: Amanda loves her own Genteel so much, she actually has a coupon code for you. Use code T1dnutritionist for 10% OFF Genteel devices! Enjoy comfortable blood checks before and after your meals, no matter what "dietary category" they fall under :)
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