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How is Genteel different from other lancing devices?

With vacuum technology, depth control, and alternate site testing, Genteel is a brand new concept in lancing. Our patented Nozzle and Contact tip assembly ensures the shallowest prick possible, while vacuum lifts the skin to avoid the underlying pain nerves. Vibration aids further in the blocking of pain signals to the brain, while vacuum draws test blood to the surface.

In contrast, other lancers have limited ability to control penetration depth. Their spring loaded mechanisms can result in a painful, incomplete blood draw, and the need to lance and squeeze multiple times. Genteel uses varying skin thickness to your advantage by giving you the ability to customize your testing experience. Find your favorite testing spots & accompanying contact tips, and let skin heal. 

What lancets work with Genteel Plus?

Accu-Chex Soft Touch Lancets 28g

Advocate 30g

Advocate Pet Test 21g

Alpha Pharma Promismed

Auvon Blood Lancets 30g

Blood Lancet

Butterfly Touch, variable gauge

CareSens 28g, 30g

Care Touch 30g

CVS Pharmacy Ultra Thin 30g

DDP Safety Seal Lancets 30g

Droplet 28g

Droplet 30g

Easy Touch Twist 28g

Easy Touch Twist 30g

Easy Touch Twist 32g

Easy Touch Twist 33g

Easy Comfort Twist Top Lancets 30g

EasyGlide Lancets 30g

Easy Touch 28g, 30g

Easy Twist Cap Blood Lancets 30g

EZ Smart Lancets 28g

EZ – Lets Premium Blood Lancets 21g, 30g

Firefly Lite 30g

Fore 30g

Gentle Touch Lancets 30g

Glocology 30g

Gluco Gorz



Link Far 28g, 33g

Lot Fancy 30g

MD6, 30g

McKesson Sterile Lancets 28g

Medline MPH100030Z 30g

Microlet Lancets (Gray) 28g

Microlet Lancets (Multi-Color) 28g

Moalab 28g

Netene 30g

Omnis Ultra Thin, 30g

On Call 33g

OneTouch UltraSoft 28g

Ultra Thin Omnis Health Lancets 30g

Perfect Point Lancets

Pharmacist Choice Twist Top 31g

Prodigy 28g

Prove 28g, 33g

ReliaMed 30g

ReliOn MicroThin Lancets 33g

ReliOn Ultra Thin Lancets 30g

SlightTouch Lancets 30g

Smart Care 30g

Sure Comfort 30g

TechLite Lancets 25g

TiniBoy Lancets 38g

True Plus 28g

Unilet 33g

Walgreens Micro Thin 33g

Walgreens TruePlus Super Thin 28g


Will my health insurance cover my purchase of Genteel?

Most insurance companies cover the cost of diabetes supplies, but the amount is dependent on your policy, deductibles, and the guidelines of your carrier. It is always best to contact your insurance company and inquire about your specific policy. Make sure you tell them the HCPCS code for Genteel is A4258, which describes a spring-loaded lancing device.


What supplies do I need, and do I need to replace anything?

To test your blood sugar with Genteel, you will need your own meter and test strips. Genteel is compatible with all meter and test-strip brandsWith Genteel Plus, you can use most square shaft lancets on the market. If you have our base model, Genteel, you will need our Butterfly Touch Lancets. For optimal hygiene and comfort, replace your lancets after each use. Contact tips, nozzles and other accessories/replacement supplies are listed under the 'painless lancing devices' drop down menu > 'replacement supplies'.


Where on my body can I test?

Because Genteel uses vacuum, it is possible to to test anywhere you are comfortable. Palms, especially, are just as accurate as fingertips, with the added benefit of less pain nerves, and will give you the most accurate numbers. You can also test on your forearm, shoulder, abdomen and even your knee. These are considered alternate sites.


Is alternate site testing as accurate as blood from my fingertips?

Blood sugar changes rapidly, especially after eating, exercising, and taking meds. Alternate sites can take up to 30 minutes to catch up with fingers and palms. However, if your blood sugar is in a "steady-state," meaning you have not done anything to change it in the last hour or two, alternate sites are a good choice. Take a look at these articles here to learn more:

Four New Alternate Blood Draw Sites with Same Response Time As Finger Tips

Palm Glucose Readings Compared With Fingertip Readings

Palms up For Glucose Monitoring


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. When you place your order, there is a drop-down screen for all the different countries we ship to.


How do I know what Contact Tip to use?

We always recommend starting with the thickest one first (Blue), and working your way down to the thinner tips until you find your sweet spot. You may find that one contact tip works great for one area of the body, while another color works better for another part. Overall, it's important to test it out to find what works for your individual needs.


What is your return and warranty policy?

We offer a 120 money-back guarantee with proof of purchase. For all things relating to returns or exchanges, please see our Warranty and Returns page, or email An RMA is required for all returns.


How long does it take to get my order?

For orders placed before 1 PM, we try to ship same-day. For orders placed after 1 PM, orders will go out next day. First Class Mail takes about 3-5 days for domestic packages. Priority Mail takes about 2-3 days. International shipments can take 2-4 weeks, or longer, depending on Customs. Genteel has no control over Customs. A tracking number is always sent to the email address provided with your order.


How do I use Genteel?

Please see our quick start guide here

Contact us via phone, email, online chat, or social media for one-on-one help.


Does Genteel impact my readings?

If you are getting different readings using different lancing devices, it is not your lancing device, but some contamination of your skin that is affecting it. Always ensure your skin is clean and uncontaminated before testing


Can I use Genteel on my pet?

Yes. We have many customers who use Genteel for their diabetic pets. Here are some videos that demonstrate how you can too:

Genteel gets blood from a diabetic dog without pain.

Diabetic K9 Pt 1: Supplies for testing

Snoopy has blood sugar check with Genteel

Some online communities for support and advice:

Genteel Community

Canine Diabetes Support and Information  

Diabetic Dog Owner Support 


Where can I buy Genteel?

Navigate to the top of this page and click the drop down menu 'Lancing Devices' to shop with us--we sell internationally. You can also find Genteel on Amazon US UK & IT. Browse this map to find a pharmacy that carries Genteel next to you


Where's my package (I did not get tracking info)

Search your inbox for emails from, with the keyword term “shipped”. You’ll find your tracking number within that email. The email subject line is: “Your Genteel Order Has Shipped”


I did not get a confirmation after placing my order OR I did not get a copy of my receipt 

Contact with the email you used when ordering and we can look up your order and resend a confirmation and/or receipt.


I have a question not listed here

Please reach out to us on our website chat, email or call +1(844)436-8335 so we can help.

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