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Where/how did you learn about Genteel?

(please specify, if possible)

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Who will be using Genteel?

Approximate Age:

If you are using Genteel for diabetes testing, how long, in years, have you been testing?

Where do you presently get your information on diabetes. Check all that apply:

(which ones)
(which ones)
(which ones)
(which ones)
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Are there other colors or patterns you'd like to see on Genteel?

If you are not diabetic, what other reasons do you have for testing your blood?

Why are you considering purchasing Genteel over whatever lancing devices you are currently using (i.e., which of Genteel’s many benefits are the most important to you)?

Not at all Extremely
No pain
Lance anywhere on the body, not just fingertips
Always gets the right amount of blood, every time (no squeezing lance site)
Designer colors
Can use my existing diabetes supplies and sources
120-day Money back/5-year limited warranty

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