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My Genteel isn’t working like it did when it first arrived, how do I fix it?

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If the Piston Assembly rises while holding the Activation Button this could be a loss of vacuum and can be the result of dirt or other contaminants inside Genteel.

It is important to clean Genteel every 2 weeks to maintain its proper function. Follow the instructions below or watch this video to see how to properly flush out your Genteel.

  1. Remove Piston Assembly: De-prime Genteel by pressing Activation Button. Twist Piston Assembly base counter-clockwise until you can pull it out of the Vacuum Tube.
  2. Flush Vacuum Tube: Run warm-to-hot water fast-moving through the Vacuum Tube and out the Nozzle while repeatedly pressing the Activation Button.
  3. Flush Piston Assembly: Run the Piston Assembly, particularly the O-Ring, under fast-running warm-to-hot water.
  4. Dry: Let Genteel air dry thoroughly. Do not reassemble Genteel with moisture in the Vacuum Tube.
  5. Reassemble: Put Piston Assembly back inside the Vacuum Tube and twist base clockwise until it locks into place securely.

If you need further troubleshooting help please email or call 1 (844)436-8335.


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