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For Those with Diabetes, Painful Blood Sugar Checks Are Now a Thing of the Past

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MIDLAND, TX (November 29, 2016)—In observance of National Diabetes Month, Genteel LLC announced clearance by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for its “gentle” lancing device. Genteel is the only FDA-cleared standalone lancing device that performs ample blood draw from other body sites as well as fingers.

After 10 years of development, children and adults with diabetes can now overcome finger-stick pain which is a major obstacle to performing  regular blood sugar checks.  Covered by 6 U.S. and over 25 international patents, Genteel stands out in a market filled with commonly painful, spring-loaded “pokers” that often leave fingers calloused, sore, or sensitive.

The inventor, Dr. Christopher Jacobs, is pleased to announce the product’s availability in the U.S. market. “Genteel provides a new approach to help people safely and comfortably check glucose levels from multiple convenient body sites, not just fingers, with absolutely no discomfort. Because it’s designed to be painless, Genteel is especially helpful in monitoring children’s blood sugar levels, and now provides a way for parents to check their child’s blood sugar at night without disturbing their all- important sleep.”

According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes affects over 29 million people nationwide, and 1.4 million Americans are diagnosed every year. Healthcare professionals prescribe multiple blood sugar checks a day for proper management and awareness, although many neglect this essential routine due to pain.

Parents of young children who test regularly are especially encouraged by Genteel’s innovation. Emily and Brian Hart, parents of Ellie and Faith, who are featured in the attached video said, “We are so glad this product was invented, enabling testing that is less painful compared to other lancing devices on the market. It’s so simple to use—Ellie tests multiple times a day with no hassle. Using the Genteel device makes living with diabetes so much easier.”

According to clinical studies, the palm of the hand has the same blood flow as fingers, and provides an accurate alternative site to constant finger stick “poking”. This allows those with diabetes to “give fingers a break” and let their sore, calloused fingers heal. Other lancing devices that claim “alternate site testing” often require squeezing to get enough blood for test meters, which can cause soreness, sensitivity or bruising. Using Genteel’s vacuum, a blood drop is brought to the surface without additional effort.  Genteel also has the ability to “re-draw” blood from test sites as needed throughout the day without needing the skin to be re-punctured.

Jacobs stated, “Peer reviewed articles have verified that testing more often can lead to lower A1c levels and increased patient comfort in living with diabetes. This is truly revolutionary technology for diabetes management.” He added, “With testing pain eliminated, people are more likely to test with regularity, and this has a tremendous net impact on compliance and cost savings to individuals and the entire U.S. healthcare system.”

According to the Health Care Cost Institute, health care spending per capita for people with diabetes in the U.S. is $16,021 versus $4,396 for those without diabetes. “With so many Americans impacted by diabetes, it’s important to have a solution that provides incentives for better management. Testing pain elimination is a significant incentive,” Jacobs said.

Today, Genteel also announced the launch of its new website,, featuring videos of children and adults checking blood sugar levels without pain, professional reviews, and a secure online ordering system. Genteel is also stocked on Amazon Prime, and is available for overnight or 2-day delivery.


Genteel LLC is family owned and operated in Midland, TX and is dedicated to eliminating the barriers to care for those with diabetes. Its flagship product, the Genteel lancing device, is used by children and adults throughout the world. By utilizing patented depth control and vacuum technology, it gets the perfect drop for testing blood glucose levels, without the typical pain.


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