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Avoiding Glucose Checks?

Take control of diabetes with Genteel.

Those diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes tend to receive less information about how to test their blood sugars, & what their readings mean in comparison to those with Type 1.

As a result, many with Type 2 diabetes rely purely on prescriptions to regulate glucose levels, and avoid testing altogether. Genteel takes the intimidation out of blood checks by giving everyone a gentle testing experience.

Understanding Daily Patterns

It's important to pay attention to daily patterns. If you’re not checking regularly, it's hard to understand if your other lifestyle efforts have been effective. While you may get glucose checks at the doctor's office, they're still not often enough to understand daily patterns.

Testing every day gives both you and your doctor a better snapshot of what foods and activities impact your blood sugar. This way, you can put yourself in the driver’s seat of diabetes.

Why Choose Genteel?

Monitoring glucose is a key in any diabetes management plan, but we also understand the pain and frustration of using a traditional lancing device to test. That's why we engineered Genteel, the first lancing device of its kind.

With Genteel, you can check much more comfortably, avoid multiple pricks, and lingering soreness. All you need to focus on are the numbers on your meter, and what they mean for you & your health!

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