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Need a better way to do glucose checks?

You're in the right place. Watch Ellie give her fingers a break with Genteel
  • Between calculating insulin dosages, A1C, and glucose levels, pricking can be overwhelming.

  • Genteel eradicates the biggest complications in blood sugar checks with depth control and vacuum technology.

  • Say goodbye to discomfort, anxiety, scarring & swelling, and give fingers a break with Genteel.

Depth Control

  • Genteel comes with 6 contact tips which control the depth of lancet penetration.

  • Depths are marked by color from Blue, the shallowest, through Violet, the deepest.

  • Skin thickness varies, so when using for the first time, start with Blue & work your way up until you comfortably get a drop of test blood.

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  • After using depth control to ensure the lancet doesn't reach the deeper pain nerves, the activation button creates a vacuum seal that brings the perfect amount of blood to the surface.

  • Watch it work in seconds through the clear nozzle tip. We typically recommend holding the button down for 6- 8 seconds.

  • You may notice that you don’t need to hold it the entire time to draw sufficient blood.

Prevent Swelling, Sensitivity & Skin Damage

  • Skin thickness varies on different part of your body. Take advantage of the different contact tips to maximize alternate site testing.

  • Some popular alternate sites are the palm, the forearm, and even above the knee.

  • Palms tend to be the most popular, because they are very close in accuracy to fingertips!
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