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Need a drop of blood to track ketones?

Look no further.
Get accurate ketone checks without the dreaded finger prick with Genteel.

  • The golden standard for testing ketones is blood testing, whether you're tracking for weight loss OR medical purposes.

  • There are ways to test ketones through urine or breath, but neither of those types of ketones are stable enough to give an accurate measure.

  • The most active and abundant form of ketone is Beta-hydroxybutyrate, which can be tested for through blood, no guesswork involved.

Give fingers a break with Genteel Lancing Device.

  • Get a pain free drop of test blood with a lancer that only penetrates the most superficial layer of the skin, and draws the perfect drop to the surface using vacuum technology.

  • No more painful pricks, no more squeezing, and the freedom to test anywhere--not just sensitive fingers.

  • 120 day money back guarantee

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