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How is Genteel different?

Genteel, uses a patented Nozzle/Contact Tip Assembly to control the depth of penetration, plus vacuum, so you get reliable blood draw, the first time, from almost any area of the body–fingertips or alternate sites–even where there are no capillaries close to the skin’s surface, and does so quickly, precisely, and without pain.

With its vibration/vacuum technology, covered by 6 US patents, and multiple international patents pending, the Genteel Lancing Device is a brand new concept in painless lancing, completely replacing the pain and discomfort of industry standard spring-loaded devices. Most lancing devices on the market today mainly rely on extracting blood from the fingertips, because they are the primary area where blood capillaries are closest to the surface of the skin. Unfortunately, they also have the most abundant supply of pain nerves. Alternate sites may be an option with other lancing devices, but because they are only spring-loaded “slingshots,” they have limited ability to control the penetration depth, so they cannot correct for skin thickness, membrane toughness, or blood viscosity. This often results in an incomplete blood draw, and the need to lance multiple times.

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