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What Does it Mean to be Type1Wild?

What Does it Mean to be Type1Wild?

Tomorrow is National Plant a Flower Day,

& I already know your first thought… “What in the world do flowers have to do with diabetes?”. If you decide it to be so, flowers can have absolutely nothing to do with diabetes. Just the same, they can have everything to do with each other. We invite you today to get wild with us as we dive into the ways flowers, and nature in general, can help you manage the distress of living with this often times, life-long disease.


Aside from pulling up a “National Holidays” calendar and being enamored by the concept of “Plant a Flower Day”, the true inspiration behind celebrating the day is someone from our very own community, David Kindness of Type1Wild. If you peruse Instagram within the diabetes space at all, you may have seen one of David’s scroll-stopping nature photos, usually featuring a medical device he uses daily to manage his Type 1 Diabetes.


The advanced medical technology in these images, juxtaposed by the organic nature of the landscape leaves the viewer feeling simultaneously insignificant, and reminded of how far we have come. For someone like myself who does not have diabetes, even I was able to derive a sense of peace from this notion. Immediately, I wanted to know more about David’s inspirations, and to tap into the source of his healing work. During this pursuit, I learned that I must start with the pain that sowed the seeds of it.


David's Story

At age 15, David received some very tough-to-swallow information. Managing anything at 15 is difficult, let alone a Type 1 and Celiac diagnosis. In his blog post titled My Story, David talks about what that was like.

“Watching my incredible mom - one of the sweetest people on earth - cry in the car that day, after I received two life-altering diagnoses only six months apart, I realized something heartbreaking: she was blaming herself. That’s what affected me the most that day, and that’s what stands out in my mind all these years later. Through tears, she explained that it was her fault I had these medical conditions. She blamed herself for the challenging pregnancies, for being unable to conceive naturally, for in vitro fertilization, for the c-section”

Some health complications can occur to children as a result of fertility treatment. Although, it’s important to emphasize that no concrete association between fertility treatment and childhood type 1 diabetes mellitus has been found. Furthermore, it’s never anyone’s fault to try to bring more love and light into this world. The unfortunate reality is that many people grapple with this pain. He goes on to describe how his diagnoses have touched his world.

“These conditions…carry emotional [..weight] that affect entire families, and support systems. They change people’s perceptions about themselves and about their loved ones. They create fears, apprehensions and anxieties that alter the course of people’s lives".

With emotional pain, blooms development and important stories. David’s mission today is to help those dealing with diabetes to change their perspective, and better their quality of life.

“More than anything, my goal is to change the way the world perceives medical conditions. That’s what type1wild is for. That’s why it exists. That’s why I spend so much time staring at screens, editing photos and thinking about how to impact the way we perceive our medical conditions, and ourselves, and the world. My goal is to make my future-self proud.. And hopefully to inspire you in the process".

While it’s true that David loves to photograph nature, he also loves to be in it. In his blog post titled Camping with Diabetes, he describes what it was like to camp in the wilderness for the first time. He also shares some tips on camping while also managing blood sugars.

“I felt beautifully small amidst the grand scale of the universe we drift through. It reminded me that we are made of the same material as billions of unknown suns, that float through the stardust of foreign galaxies, far away... Okay, maybe I'm being a little dramatic. But the stars WERE beautiful and I DID feel small”.


“The first step is checking your blood sugar levels often to understand where they're at, especially because they can change quickly - and drop quickly - if you forget about them for too long”.


With the Genteel lancing device, checking your sugars is quick and comfortable, so you can return to enjoying nature without the sore fingers. Our Teen Mental Wellness Day blog mentions the importance of getting outside as well. If you’re choosing an outdoor activity, planting flowers is truly a great option. There is strong empirical evidence that activities such as gardening deliver mental health benefits


You’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor when they bloom as well! Just take a peek here to learn about 6 flowers proven to impact your mood. Our mood is very important when living with a 24/7 illness. According to the CDC, people with diabetes are 2 to 3 times more likely to have depression. Additionally, only 25% to 50% of these people get diagnosed and treated. We urge you to take a moment today to hear the birds chirping, feel a ray of sunshine on your face, and connect with nature.



Support David when you purchase your Genteel Plus Lancing Device. By using code TYPE1WILD you will get $5 off your order and we'll send a percentage of the sale to David. A special 'Thank You' to him for letting us share his story.

Stay wild with us and feed your soul. Make your future-self proud, and work on projects that matter. Add value not only to your own life, but to the rest of the world.

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