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This or That? Find Out.

This or That? Find Out.

The beauty of living in the present day, is all of the options 

we have available to us. For the average consumer, convenience is usually just a click away. Sometimes, a mere utterance away! We've all looked at our phones in awe of how the 'Instagram Ad Fairies' knew we were just talking about buying that new comforter, or pair of yoga pants. While it makes our lives easier, it's also important to stay connected to the real friends in our communities, and discover what works for a variety of different people. Otherwise, our experience on the internet just becomes a soundboard, continuously vibrating our own thoughts back to us.


This is probably why 'This or That' or 'What's In My Purse' tags have been so popular on social media throughout the years. As humans, we have a need to connect with each other through the little things--what we carry around with us, how we make a certain recipe passed down in our family, and even how we manage our diabetes. Thank you to the wonderful people in our community who shared their preferences with these diabetes centric This or That questions! Keep scrolling to find out the results of our Instagram poll.

Almost a tie, with fruit snacks for the win! Fruit snacks and fruit juice are many people's go-tos when experiencing low sugars. The acidic drink contains neutralizing acids, which form bicarbonates – compounds that help relieve nausea, which is a common symptom with low blood sugar. However, there's nothing more convenient than a pack of fruit snacks in your supply case. Also, they're delicious.

You may be surprised to see that a decent 32% of our community prefers Multiple Daily Injections over an Insulin Pump. The former may not sound pleasant, but there are many reasons MDIs are a better choice for some. Check out this blog by Christel Oerum on why daily injections were the right choice for her.

Both of these solutions are great options for people on the go. A supply case keeps all of your things organized, and often insulates temperature sensitive medication in a changing environment. A zip pouch is conveniently sized, and putting supplies back in doesn't take as much time. We love having both around to fit our needs in different times.

We love the MyID technology, and especially love the stylish options they offer for our more fashion-forward diabetes warriors. However, it seems clear that we much prefer the bracelets! One pro of wearing a necklace is that others are likely to see it sooner as it's close in proximity to the face. Even so, bracelets seem to be the move for our friends these days.

We were surprised to see this was another close tie! However you choose to calculate your carbs, it's just important that you find a way to do it that works for YOU. 

This one may seem confusing, but the reality is that exercise effects everyone differently!. The way your blood sugars behave during exercise could be completely different from your 'diabestie'. This is why regular blood sugar checks are so important! The more knowledge you have on how your individual body functions in different circumstances, the better.

Like some of the other options above, both of these solutions can be fantastic. Continuous Glucose Monitors have been a game changer for those fortunate enough to have access to them, either out of pocket, or through insurance. It's no surprise that our forward thinking friends love the ability to check their sugars on their phone. However, technology isn't always perfect! Sensor errors, warm up periods, calibration times and inaccurate readings are common. Always have your Genteel lancing device with you as a comfortable back-up. 

We don't have much to say about this one, other than that both scenarios feel awful! It seems you guys were just as torn.

Another toss up! Texture is such a hugely personal preference, and we are so glad there are so many different glucose alternatives for us to choose from.

And the last question! Insulin Pump clipped onto your pants, or in your pocket? 'Clipped onto pants' won by a marginal amount here, but we have a theory on that. Most of our Instagram community happens to be comprised of women, and women's pants tend to have less pocket real estate.  Does anyone want to start a #makepocketsbigger movement?


All jokes aside, thank you so much for sharing your preferences with us. We love hearing what you have to say. Learning more about your likes and dislikes helps us to serve you all to the absolute best of our abilities. Thanks for playing! Until next time.

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