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Dating with Diabetes

Dating with Diabetes

'Love Day' may be over...

But navigating relationships and dating while living with diabetes goes far beyond February 14th. This year on Valentines Day, we had the pleasure of discussing the highs and lows of dating & diabetes with the newly engaged, Gretchen Otte. With a username like @typeonetypehappy across her social platforms, it's clear that Gretchen is known and loved for her bubbly, yet laid-back attitude. Quite appropriately, a smiley face seems to follow her wherever she graces her bright presence.



Bitter Lows, Sweet Highs

Gretchen's positive outlook on life with Type 1 diabetes doesn't come from a lack of tough times. Throughout her career as a digital creator and diabetes advocate, she's been extremely vulnerable with her audience about the struggles that accompany chronic illness. Whether it's diabetes burnout, or shame surrounding the devices that keep us alive, she's experienced it and shared her journey of overcoming it online. Through it all, there have been victories and celebrations --getting engaged being one of them! 

Gretchen takes us through her personal experience with dating & diabetes in Episode 11 of Stick With It. Join along and check your sugars with us as we dive deep into all of the details in the video below. Find out ways her current partner supports her in her diabetes management, as well as red flags she’s seen with previous connections. We also chat about how to gain confidence with diabetes, the importance of expressing your style through your diabetes, and more. We know so many of our community members can relate to this topic. In the pursuit of making life with diabetes just a bit easier, we hope hearing from others about their life experiences with diabetes can help you feel seen. Watch the episode all the way through to get Gretchen’s coupon code-- it saves you 10% off the purchase of a Genteel lancing device!



Still looking for ways to navigate dating and diabetes? Scroll below for a curated list of advice from some of our favorite sources.


  • Wise words from Cheryl Alkon over at DiaTribe, It’s important to be comfortable with your diabetes yourself first, because it can be hard to open up and share it with someone else.”


  • Another great point by Stephanie Watson of HealthLine: “It’s totally up to you whether you want to come clean about your diabetes to the person you’re dating. And you’re certainly under no obligation to divulge your condition in the first few dates.”


  • Nothing like being prepared to take the edge off of a new experience– we love this tip from MySugr “Like with anything else, diabetes & dating demands some planning ahead. If you can, check the restaurant’s menu online and have your selection carb-counted before you arrive.” 


  • T1D blogger and writer Jen Grieves shares her philosophy on sharing her diagnosis on a first date: “Dates are often centered around food and drink. So, naturally I have to at least check my blood sugar or dial-up my PDM at some point in the evening, and these days I’m more than happy to let that become a conversation in itself.”


  • And lastly, some reassurance from our friends at JDRF, "Don’t feel like you have to conceal your pain or frustrations. Telling your partner about the emotional and physical tolls of your diabetes management can help them further understand your state of mind.”

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