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81 Ways To Stay Young At Heart

81 Ways To Stay Young At Heart


This Sunday the 18th marks 81 years for Genteel Founder 

& Inventor, Dr. Christopher Jacobs. Yet, somehow, everyone at the company seems to have trouble keeping up with Chris, and his continuous flow of inventive ideas. We thought it would only be fitting to glean some insight from him on his birthday weekend, to see how he stays so vivacious and young at heart. It’s safe to say that an important pillar of his life is Anita, our customer service manager. When asked how her life partner stays so effervescent and full of life, she answered, “He's all about the excitement of acquiring a new skill, taking things apart, putting them back together, and learning how they ‘tick’ The messier, the better. Whether it's learning a new language, diving into a technical manual (cars, computer programs etc.) digesting all the tables and charts, or inventing the ultimate ‘massage chair’, it's all about doing something productive, educational and creative so he feels he's ‘accomplished’ something...He has more ideas than time, money or resources allow, but that doesn't stop his juices from flowing--there's always more work to be done. Very importantly, he's an incessant joke-teller, and it doesn't matter if the person he's telling it to has heard it before. He loves to make people laugh..."


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"In summary, Mitra, Chris is young at heart because he doesn't have time to get old. There's too much to do, he's excited about everything, and believes strongly that life is about learning, doing, being, and contributing.”

Chris and Anita above, at a tradeshow in 2016.

Well, if you aren’t in tears after that one, you may not own any tear ducts. I think that gives us a pretty good idea of the man of the hour, but there’s more to share. Enjoy 81 ways to stay young at heart. We’ve heard (or observed) these tips from Chris himself.

 81 ways to stay young at heart

  1. If you live in a two story house, make sure your bedroom is upstairs--it keeps the body moving
  2. Try to learn something new every day
  3. Enjoy what you eat and eat what you love
  4. Tell lots of jokes
  5. Help others
  6. Drink a green smoothie every morning (This is an observed one, we need to get that recipe. Next blog post idea?)
  7. Gather with loved ones often
  8. Make friends out of strangers
  9. Do volunteer work
  10. Have funny conversations
  11. Stop sitting so much
  12. Take Regular Naps
  13. Eat prunes to keep your bones strong
  14. Use a humidifier in your house
  15. Snack on almonds
  16. Remain Curious
  17. Practice good posture
  18. Skip the elevator
  19. Stop looking at your phone
  20. Fermented foods are great for gut health
  21. Have fun at work
  22. Set a bedtime
  23. Practice gratitude
  24. Shrug your shoulders and move on
  25. Never believe you are 'too old' to do anything
  26. Get fresh air
  27. Spend time with your grandkids
  28. Wear whatever you want
  29. Go to parties
  30. Have hobbies you love
  31. Pick your family
  32. Don't take yourself too seriously
  33. Be honest (If you ask Chris 'how it's going', he almost always responds with "Oh just muddling along'. Us too Chris, us too)
  34. Give yourself a break
  35. Do mental aerobics to keep your brain sharp
  36. Don't be ashamed of your age
  37. Set goals
  38. Meet new people
  39. Get out of your comfort zone
  40. Listen to Rock n' Roll
  41. Travel
  42. Try something you used to love doing again
  43. Embrace technology
  44. Always have new jokes to tell
  45. Have a purpose
  46. Find reasons to celebrate
  47. Treasure experiences and knowledge over things
  48. Live the life you want to live
  49. Lean into your strengths
  50. Learn your motivation style
  51. Meet with one group of friends regularly
  52. Exercise throughout your day, however that looks
  53. Go outside on a nice day
  54. Have a favorite coffee mug (There's one in the office is lovingly labeled, 'CHRIS' FAVORITE MUG')
  55. Spend time helping others
  56. Smile with your whole face for pictures
  57. Plan trips
  58. Don't skip meals cause you're busy
  59. Eat lots of antioxidants
  60. Get over fights quickly
  61. Try new things
  62. Laugh at your own jokes
  63. Believe in your superpowers
  64. Jump into the fun around you
  65. Be a rebel
  66. Eat from the jar
  67. Talk to yourself
  68. Be boastful
  69. Be king of your kingdom
  70. Please yourself and others
  71. Slay your dragons
  72. Run if you feel like it
  73. Explore all of the options
  74. Share meals around a table
  75. Tell people the things you learn about
  76. Ask for help when you need it
  77. Be spontaneous 
  78. Be hands on with your projects
  79. Don't assume you're bad at something
  80. Don't take no for an answer
  81. Visualize a tomorrow with endless possibilities

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