Allows those with diabetes to give their fingers a break by checking blood sugar anywhere on the body using depth control and vacuum


Fingersticks Without Pain

Get a blood drop from your fingertips without the hurtful prick

Check Anywhere On The Body

Use alternate sites that suit your testing needs and give fingers a chance to heal

Never Squeeze Again

Vacuum pulls blood to the surface without the need to squeeze after sticking

Blood Draw, Reinvented

Genteel uses its patented 3-step process for getting the perfect drop to check blood sugar levels

1. Place Genteel on the skin, and push button
2. Keep finger on button to use the vacuum (4-10 secs)
3. Release button and lift off the skin to reveal blood drop

Genteel vs Genteel Plus

Genteel $49.99
Genteel Plus $99 
Pain Free Technology
Zero Fingersticks
Uses Butterfly Touch Lancets
Uses Most Square-Shaft Lancets
Travel & Organizer Pouch
5 Color Options
Extra Nozzle
6 Depth Settings (Contact Tips)
Decorative Sticker Sheet
10 Sample Butterfly Touch Lancets
 120-Day Money Back Guarantee
 1-Year Replacement Warranty

"It just felt like someone tapping you"

Michelle Lord, Ph.D.

"No pain. No squeezing. Props to Genteel."

Laura @yourejustmytype1

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"Absolutely pain-free and awesome"


"If your fingers are sore, buy Genteel!"

"My husband loves his Genteel, he was recently diagnosed with diabetes and was hating the finger pokes. He recommends Genteel to anyone that has to check their blood glucose!"

– Barbara Snyder-Cole

Give Fingers A Break

Give fingertips a break with the Genteel lancing device and start getting test blood from the palm!.

No More Hurtful Pricks

The outdated method of sticking and squeezing to get a blood drop is over

Everyone's skin thickness is different and with Genteel's 6 depth control options, combined with vacuum, getting that perfect blood drop is easier than ever

Backup For Your CGM

Zero fingersticks even when your CGM isn't working right?

Never be without a pain-free blood sugar check

Keep Genteel handy for sensor errors, app problems, broken sensor or when you're waiting for a replacement to arrive

Reduce Testing Anxiety

There's zero guesswork with Genteel after initial setup

By using a vertical motion and precisely limiting depth, you will never have to worry about the lancet going in "too deep" which almost always results in soreness, and swelling

What People Think Of Genteel

“Super grateful to Genteel for saving my finger tips one painless palm (and arm) prick at a time during my mini Dexcom vacation this week!"

– Emily., @type1.emilyjo

"Finger pricks used to be such a dreadful time in our house. Thankfully, Scarlett's new Genteel allows her nearly painless checks with so many other options from only using her finger tips."

– Scarlet's mom

“This little device has become a finger saver literally. As a diabetic, having to prick yourself multiple times a day gets painful, especially to the fingers bc most lancing devices can only be used on the fingers to draw blood."

– Shayla

“I’ve permanently changed my lancing device to the Genteel! I love it and it is pretty painless compared to my old poker. Though I don’t check my blood sugar manually as often anymore (thanks to the Dexcom G6), I always carry a blood glucometer, test strips, and a lancing device with me everywhere I go."

– David., @Type1Livabetic

For All Ages & Types

Anyone needing a blood drop can experience a comfortable and anxiety-free testing experience

Type 1, Type 2, Gestational, Pre-Diabetes. Ketones for the Keto Diet can also be checked

FDA Cleared for Fingers & Alternate Sites

Start checking blood sugar from any site on the body. You can still use fingers, or you can use your palm, forearm, wrist, stomach, knee, calf, and toes.

Genteel 510k Clearance:

Choose Your Model


Kit includes:
• Genteel Lancing Device
• Rainbow Contact Tips (6 depth settings)
• 10 samples of Butterfly Touch Lancets
• Sticker Sheet
• 1 Nozzle


Available in Butterfly Blue
Uses Butterfly Touch Lancets only



Shop Genteel


Kit includes:
• Genteel Lancing Device
• Rainbow Contact Tips (6 depth settings)
• 10 samples of Butterfly Touch Lancets
• Travel and Organizer Pouch
• Sticker Sheet
• 2 Nozzles


Available in 5 colors
Use Butterfly Touch Lancets
or any square shaft lancet


starting at $99

Shop Genteel Plus

120-Day Money Back Guarantee & 1 Year Warranty

If you are unsatisfied, for any reason, you can call or email our customer service team. We provide complimentary personalized troubleshooting if Genteel isn't working the way you expected. 

As Seen In

Honestly, I am amazed with this product!! I wish I knew about it sooner. It’s completely painless and leaves no bruises 🥰 My fingers are much happier now, so thank you Genteel"

– Natalia., @thediabeticfitspo

"Loving Genteel 😍 When I’m hanging at home I use my legs to check my BG... I’ve used my arm and my palm. Like I’ve always said I hate finger pricks! So grateful for this one."

– Ash., @sugarcoated.t1d

"We are excited to use Genteel because it allows us to test multiple areas rather than just her fingers. It gives them time to heal and it's easier for her to do it by herself."

– Christina

"Cameron loves using his Genteel for his blood checks. He doesn't have to use his finger tips and he says it doesn't hurt!"

– Melanie

"I didn't feel that at all, what the heck!"

-Laina Elyse, YouTuber

"We now call her old pricker: HURTeel"

-Kaitlin & Mom



$ 49.99 USD

Genteel Genteel Genteel Genteel

The Genteel Lancing Device allows those with diabetes to check their blood sugar without pain, using vacuum and depth control.  Each Genteel comes with 6 contact tips, 1 nozzle, decals, sticker sheet for kids, and sample Butterfly Touch Lancets. Requires Butterfly Touch Lancets.

"I will never go back"

Before I got my Genteel lancing device I hated taking my blood sugar. Sometimes I admit I would even skip taking it because it was painful and would leave my fingers sore. Since I received my Genteel lancing device I don’t mind taking my blood sugar anymore. I take it five to six times a day or more now. It is really simple to use, virtually painless, and it gives you so many more options of places to stick other than your fingertips. I am so glad I decided to try it and I will never go back to a regular lancing device ever. Thank you Genteel for making a great device for those of us that must stick ourselves multiple times a day."

– Vonna H., Houston TX

"don’t think twice about getting it"

"I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and have to check my blood sugar four times a day. I absolutely hate needles and have horrible anxiety. I was having such a hard time using the lancing device given to me at the clinic to the point of not wanting to eat to avoid checking sugar levels, hands completely sweating and having panic attacks. I started doing some research and found Genteel! I love it! It has made the whole gestational diabetes experience alot easier and I even decorated my Genteel with cute stickers and not ashamed of it! Anyone who has needle/anxiety issues don’t think twice about getting it. Get it now! You will not regret it!! Thank you Genteel!”

– Maria O., Madison WI

"Brayden my 6yr old who is Type 1 loves that he no longer has to squeeze his finger to get the perfect drop. He also loves to use his palm! We love Genteel!"

– Cierra H., Red Oak TX

"I have horrible callouses on my fingers from 37 years of testing. First test I did after receiving the Genteel was my palm. I’m going to be able to rest my fingers now. Thanks bunches!"

– Roxanne G., Cleveland OH

"I only wish I'd made this investment sooner."

"My son is 16 years old with Type 1 Diabetes. We use a Dexcom G5 now, so daytime testing has been reduced but due to exercise, foods eaten, or just randomness, he needs to be checked sometimes at night. I was concerned about the repeated injuries to his finger tips after hearing that long term, it affects the nerves in this sensitive area. The Genteel allows me to use any exposed skin area. As a teen whose body is as big as a full grown adult, I had trouble rolling him to get a hand to test. Now, I just use the Genteel to test on his arms. He doesn't feel it or wake up. Each poke with Genteel is one less poke to the fingers and using more of his body for testing which allows for the body to heal and not have as much scarring. I only wish I'd made this investment sooner. Great customer service also!”

– Cathy M., Loveland OH

"So happy and grateful for this present! So much so I ordered a second one 😍 No more pricking my finger tips, this device allows me to painlessly draw blood from almost any part of my body! Thank you guys for developing a device like this for us."

– Melissa Y., Corpus Christi TX

"Due to multiple testing 10-14 times daily & sometimes more. Drawing blood has become extremely difficult in which sometimes squeezing doesn't even work. Thus requires another stick. Genteel saves fingers💗💗💗🙏”

– Shiela G., Albuquerque NM

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