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Avoid testing because it hurts

Finger pokes hurt

Night time testing on children

Squeezing to get enough blood hurts

Give fingertips a break

Fear the dreaded poke

Painless Lancing With Genteel – A Child’s Experience [Video]

Our friend Avery LOVES testing painlessly with her Genteel. THIS is why we worked tirelessly to perfect the Genteel technology – to help diabetics, especially kids!

– Dr. Jacobs

Why Lancets Hurt More Than They Should [Infographic]

Genteel-BentLancet-Post-r3-1-01While doing a study of lancing in our research facility we noticed a larger than expected variation in lance site appearance. Some sites showed much larger spotting and subjects reported more pain even when all variables (depth of lancing, gage size, site location) remained the same. This was a mystery, until we decided to look at the lances after the patients used them. We found was that while removing the safety cap from the lancet needles, patients were inadvertently pulling the safety caps off at an angle which was bending the needles. When the subjects were warned about this bending of the needles, and told to be careful of pulling the caps off straight, the variation in spotting and pain virtually went away.

– Dr. Jacobs

Sandy’s Genteel Story

My-Genteel-Story-Template-1I love to hear how Genteel is changing people’s lives. Thanks for sharing your story with us Sandy!

Share your Genteel story with us on our Facebook wall and you could be Genteel’s next success story.

– Dr. Jacobs

Dr. Jacobs’ Diabetes Fact – 11/10/2014


unnamedYikes. Diabetes is a worldwide epidemic. Make healthy choices to ensure you don’t become a diabetic statistic!

Diabetes Health Tips – Know Your Numbers

If you have pre-diabetes or diabetes, it is crucial to carefully monitor blood cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight. These critical health number provide insight into how well your treatment plan is working to manage your diabetes and safeguard your overall health.

Diabetes Health Tips

Diabetes Health Tips – Know Your Health Numbers

We want to know how Genteel’s pain-free lancing has changed your life. Share your Genteel story in the comments or write us on our Facebook wall.


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